Just Real Estate is a full-service property investment company that helps investors add value to their real estate portfolios. We work closely with developers and have built strong partnerships on the back of our business model and network reach.

Headquartered in Qatar, and with global partners in key cities along with a wealth of industry experience, we have access to an exceptional client base of long-term property investors looking for high-quality opportunities in global and local real estate.

These investors trust us to do the hard work for them, to source and deliver well-researched, reliable investments from some of the world’s finest developers.

There are several factors that developers and owners’ partner with us. With our wealth of knowledge as international property experts we have a lot to offer you in exchange for allowing our investors the opportunity to invest in your project.

By offering you reliable sales through a model that combines the benefits of selling with the security of selling units to individual investors and home buyers.

Further to this, many of our investors are long-term clients who we’re confident will go on to complete their purchase, particularly given the access to financing that we facilitate for them.

We are committed to deliver your financial goals and we have a strong track record in only offering our clients investment opportunities that meet stringent criteria for yield and return potential. In partnering with us, you can be sure that your development is in good company amid a portfolio that will instantly position yours as a high-quality investment opportunity.

By partnering with us at an early stage of your project, you can ensure the sort of high sold-percentage that can be so important when you later come to promote your development on the local market.