About Qatar


Under the guidance of its visionary leaders, Qatar has transformed over the past few decades into one of the strongest economies in the region and across the globe.

Implementation of the bold Qatar National Vision 2030 plan for a knowledge-based economy is well under way, with a range of initiatives and action plans nurturing and shaping the key pillars of the economy, social and human development and the environment, that are crucial to the country’s economic and societal progress.

The emergence of Qatar Foundation, which portrays the country’s commitment to educational excellence, and development of Hamad International Airport, Doha Port, and Doha Exhibition Conference Center is evidence of the country’s continuing success.


Qatar has risen as a cultural beacon in the Gulf region by carefully preserving the country’s culture and traditions. The enrichment of the local culture was a vision satisfied through the rejuvenation of Souq Waqif, the award-winning Museum of Islamic Arts, the new Qatar Museum, and the development of the Katara Cultural Village.


Designed to diversify the economy from the dependence on the hydrocarbon industry, both the public and the private sector was stimulated to deliver a high standard of living for its citizens. The country has expertly navigated through its development to maximize economic opportunities within key sectors such as Aviation, Education, Medical Services, Banking, Construction and Development.

Lusail City

Covering an area of some 38 km2, Lusail City has been designed to offer civic, commercial and leisure amenities for the ever expanding population of Qatar. The city is a physical manifestation of Qatari’s future vision of sustainability and will be home to approximately 220,000 people upon completion.

Marina Living

There is much to enjoy as part of Marina Life – from stunning sunsets over the Gulf to the sound of fluttering sails. The Marina District promises to be the lively hub of Lusail overlooking the marinas and providing waterfront residential, mixed-use, commercial, and hotel space with large open areas leading to the waterfront boardwalk.


Modern clean lines, luxurious designs, and contemporary amenities designed to support professionals in their business makes for an enjoyable and productive workplace.


Over the last ten years, Qatar and the Gulf region have experienced a huge growth in their population and are forecast to continue growing over the next few years. In Qatar, the population is set to grow by 7% per annum in the coming years, and the GDP by 6.5%. As more residential assets come on to the market to meet demand, JRE is well placed to assist investors in maximising their returns.


Despite the recent volatility of world economies, the Qatar market has remained steady and has continued to see a growth in new businesses – be they from the private sector in Qatar or foreign companies investing in their future here. Recent reports have noted that in the next two years 300,000 square metres of office accommodation is planned for completion.


With increasing economic diversification driven by a growing population, strong and stable GDP growth, and substantial per capita incomes, retailers will increasingly be attracted to Qatar. The retail market is set to expand from the current 700,000 square metres of retail space to two million square metres by 2019.

Urban Development

 Qatar’s growing population has resulted in increased demand for attractive accommodation and urban areas. Covering an area of 38km2, Lusail City has been designed to offer first-class civic, commercial and leisure amenities for the ever-expanding population of Qatar. This new city represents a physical manifestation of Qatar’s vision for a sustainable future and will be home to approximately 220,000 people upon completion.

Taking advantage of its location on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, Qatar promotes an appealing marina lifestyle for citizens, residents and visitors, The Marina District in Lusail is a lively hub offering waterfront residential, mix-use, commercial and hotel space with vast open areas leading to boardwalks Accentuate a focus on health and wellbeing.

The Pearl Qatar, is an island measuring almost 4 million m2 centered around marina and beachfront living, providing tenants and buyers with number of opportunities.